FAQ's | Ordering Information

Lead times

Lead times vary from product to product. A common lead time is posted on all products being 4 to 6 weeks. However, many products have a quicker lead time given the amount of features they contain. We like to manufacture armor carriers and ballistic panels and have invested heavily into equipment that decrease the amount of time it takes to product an armor carrier.

Payment terms

We offer many convenient ways to pay for an order. If an order is placed through our website, your payment will be taken at that time. Orders taken over the web are then considered pre-paid orders. Another method of payment is bill when shipped. We require a credit card on file to process your order. When your order is shipped, we will run your card and send you an invoice showing the order has been paid for as well as a receipt. For customers who may place orders greater than $1500 per order, other payment terms may be agreed upon.

Protect The Force wants to give all dealers and distributors multiple ways to place an order. We accept traditional purchase orders via email, over the phone orders and pre-paid web placed orders.

Traditional ordering

As a common practice for most businesses, purchases orders are sent in to place an order via email. We require the purchase order to have the following information.

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company phone
  • Email address
  • Ship-to information
  • Shipping account (if you want to use your own)
  • Date order placed
  • Your Purchase order number
  • Product info:
  • Product name
  • Product model
  • Product size
  • Product color
  • Quantity
  • Individual price
  • Line total price
  • Order total
  • If total is over $10,000, a signature will be required.

If you are a dealer who is paying by credit card, we MUST have your credit card on file in order to accept a purchase order.

Immediate orders

During our normal operating hours of 0800 (8:00AM) to 1700 (5:00PM) Eastern, we are also able to take orders via telephone. The order will be placed into our system but will not be processed through our manufacturing queue. In order to process the order, we must receive the purchase order within three business days or the phone placed order will be canceled. 

Web placed orders

For your convenience, we have set up our website as an easy to use eCommerce order placing solution. All orders placed on our website will count as a purchase order from your business. Your web order Invoice Number serves as a purchase order number. Your payment will be immediately processed and your order will be placed into our manufacturing queue. 

This information may change periodically. You may be notified if any many changes are made.

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