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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are PTF's products Made in the USA?

A: All products manufactured by PTF are made in the good ol' USA. Our manufacturing facility is located in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. The majority of materials used in our products are made by various raw good manufacturers in the United States.

Q: Are PTF's products BERRY Compliant?

A: Yes! Depending on Govt requirements all our products can be made with 100% BERRY compliant materials. 

Q: What are the lead times on PTF's products?

A: Unless stated otherwise, our typical lead times are generally between 21 to 60 days as most products are currently made to order. If your order is older than 60 days, please contact us.

Q: Is there somewhere that I could learn more about your products?

A: Each product page should have enough information to get you up to speed on every aspect of that product. If you have questions about a product that we offer, please contact us.

Q: Does PTF offer Quantity/Volume Pricing?

A: Yes! Our new website now allows for QTY/VOL pricing when logged into your account. If you have additional questions please contact a PTF sales rep.

Q: How can I check the status of an order?

A: It's simple! Log-in to your account and head to your order history. Take note of what order status is posted with each order placed. Additionally, if something changes or comes up, we will let you know! If your order was placed using traditional methods such as emailed purchase orders, please contact us.

Q: I signed up as a dealer but I'm not approved yet. Why?

A: All dealer registrations go through an approval process. We look into each request to make sure your business is legit and that you do have either a) physical store location or b) eCommerce sales system. If you are an independent government contractor, you will need to supply us with your contracting company cage code number. Approval process is almost instant for known dealers and distributors (We know who you are!) 

Q: Will concealed armor panels fit into plate carriers?

A: Absolutely not. Our plate carriers are designed specifically for Shooter's or SAPI Cut Hard Armor Plates. Some of our plate carriers are designed for a specific type of plate and will have a hard time accepting plates that are not specific to that carrier. 

Q: My order was placed on your website and my credit card was charged but not shipped. Why?

A: By placing an online order your credit card is charged immediately! This is something we have no control over due to PCI compliance.

Q: I'm not a PTF dealer, distributor or Govt agency but want to buy you gear. Where can I purchase Protect The Force products?

A: We have many dealers across the US and some international reps. Please contact us and we will get you in touch with an authorized PTF Dealer.

Q: Can you do custom cuts of soft armor?

A: Yes. There are many requirements for cutting custom armor. Dimensions are a big deal when cutting armor as well as shape. We will need samples of any garments or products that the soft armor will be going into along with sizing charts. If sizing charts are unavailable, we would need a sample of each size of the product that the soft armor will be fitted to. These custom cuts will be saved according to the product they will be going into.

Q: Is there a minimum order that must be placed as a Dealer?

A: No but we do recommend place orders in bulk to receive them in a timely manner. Ordering in small amounts results in longer lead times.

Q: Can you make custom sized concealed carriers?

A: We most certainly can! Our concealed carriers can have custom sizes such as Long-Wide, Small-Long, Medium-Long-Wide and so forth. When sending in your purchase order, be sure to include specific sizes. Be sure to download or request our sizing form!

Q: Do I have to agree to a recurring order each month?

A: No. Order what you want whenever you want!

Q: Do you offer Multicam webbing or hook and loop on Multicam pattern products?

A: Not currently on our core as this would greatly increase the costs of our products.  If you have a requirement we can offer OEM products using your own product label.  Please contact us for more details.

Q: Do you offer drop shipping to customers?

A: Yes. We can use our shipping accounts or you can provide us with yours. If you have a need for custom packaging slips, additional fees may incur.

Q: Can I use your products on government bids?

A: Yes. Please contact us for all quotes on government bids.

Q: I used your dealer pricing to win a contract. Can I get a break?

A: No. Pricing for Govt bids will be based on the Dealer Price List with any QTY/VOL discounts as applicable. For larger quantities, specific requirements, OEM, etc. please contact us. 

Q: Do your carriers come with armor?

A: You must buy armor to get armor. Our low pricing on tactical nylon products covers only the nylon product unless offered as a package, kit, etc.

This list of frequently asked questions is updated on a regular basis. Questions from you (the customer) will be placed on this page if we see the question enough.

These questions were last updated on Nov 19th, 2018


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