HESCO® 200 Series L210 Special Threat Stand Alone Plates


The HESCO® 200 Series L210 Special Threat Stand Alone Plates from Protect the Force are designed to be worn where concealability is an asset, featuring models that offer both low visibility and special threat protection. The 200 Series offers specialized ballistic and stab resistant stand alone inserts for use when a low visual signature is required. Single and multi curve designs are available in shooter, full and SAPI cuts depending on model.


• Cost effective with no compromise
• Advanced Composite materials
• Single curve and multi-curve designs
• Highly durable, waterproof, Polyurethane coated, Cordura® nylon wrap
• Precision quality control


Low visibility light AP protection with a focus on value

• 5.5 lb /2.5kg (0.59”/15mm)
• Special Rifle Threat Protection
• Stand Alone
• Light AP protection including 7.62 X 39 MSC and 5.56 X 45 M855
• Made in the USA

PRICING: Price is based on a single plate. If you require a set please order in quantities of 2.

AVAILABILITY: Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery if not in stock as plates are made to order.