HESCO® 100 Series 3100 Level III Side Plates


The HESCO® 100 Series 3100 Level III Side Plates from Protect the Force are expertly engineered with intention to be worn alongside HESCO® torso plates. These plates protect vulnerable areas under the arms that may become exposed when drawing, aiming or discharging your weapon.


• Cost effective with no compromise
• Advanced Composite materials
• Single curve trauma and side plate designs
• Highly durable, waterproof, Polyurethane coated, Cordura® nylon wrap
• Precision quality control


Low visibility and high level ballistic protection

• Low visibility
• Level III protection
• Stand Alone
• Made in the USA

PRICING: Price is based on a single plate. If you require a set please order in quantities of 2.

AVAILABILITY: Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery if not in stock as plates are made to order.

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