T-COG Outer Concealed Carrier


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Soft Armor Package: NIJ06 GS3 (IIIA)

  • NIJ06 GS3 (IIIA)
  • NIJ06 GS2 (II)
  • NIJ05 GSB (IIIA)
  • NIJ05 L2M (II)
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The T-COG is designed so that you can convert your vest into an outer tactical mission specific carrier that allows multiple configuration of duty gear for whatever the mission calls for. The T-COG can accept concealed ballistic panels as well as hard armor rifle plates for extra added protection.


  • Constructed of durable 500D Cordura
  • Low intensity special operations design.
  • Designed to except concealed ballistic panels.
  • Front and back “Pals” attachment bar system, for configuration of your pouches and accessories.
  • Top loading plate pockets on front and back of vest.
  • Adjustable sides and shoulder closure system for a better fit.
  • Internal cummerbund.
  • Body side ballistic panel loading with suspension system.
  • Heavy duty webbing drag handle.
  • Accommodates 8x10 and 10x12 hard armor plates.

  • Detachable groin
  • Detachable bicep protection
  • Detachable lower lumbar protection
  • Detachable lower abdomen protection
  • Concealed ballistic panels
  • Mission specific pouches
  • Standard and custom ID placards.
  • Size: Sizes: Individual Sizing
  • Available in Black and Coyote Tan.



Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

Soft Armor Package

NIJ06 GS3 (IIIA), NIJ06 GS2 (II), NIJ05 GSB (IIIA), NIJ05 L2M (II), None


Protect The Force - Soft Armor Ballistic Information

Protect The Force has a variety of soft armor ballistic packages available to choose from.

Ballistic package Threat Level NIJ Certification Short Name
GS3A06 IIIA NIJ 0101.06 NIJ06GS3
GS206 II NIJ 0101.06 NIJ06GS2
GSB-M-3A-1 IIIA NIJ 0101.05 NIJ05GSB
L2MALAL-1 II NIJ 0101.05 NIJ05L2M


For more information such as weights and metrics on each ballistic package, please view our Ballistic Packages.

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