PTF NIJ 05 Level II Soft Armor Inserts - L2MALAL-1


The PTF L2MALAL-1 NIJ 05 Level II Soft Armor Inserts from Protect The Force fits the majority of carriers and utilizes ultra-light, thin, high strength, and flexible materials to create the best performing soft body armor in the industry. Sizing is based on standard sizing charts. Issued as a Set of (2) panels.

The Force One NIJ 0101.05 certified L2MALAL-1 is a high performance compilation of ballistics aimed at protecting personnel at the maximum potential without sacrificing mobility.


• NIJ 0101.05 Certified
• Level II
• Warranty: 5 Years
• Set of 2 (Front & Back Panels)
• Areal Density: 0.87 lbs/ft²
• Thinness: .16"
• V-50 Protective Ratings:
- 9MM: 1917 FPS
- 9MM BFS: 24.0 mm
- 357 BFS: 37.0 mm
• Special Threat Tested: No
• Made in the USA

LEAD TIMES: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery