Who We Are

Protect The Force (“PTF”) is a company which has the dedication and vision to bring innovative products, manufacturing and the entrepreneurial spirit together into one unified business goal. The focus of PTF is to develop and sustain strong relationships within the protective products industry and provide premier products using experienced manufacturing as well as new product development and sales capabilities to both internal and external customers.

Protect The Force has a primary focus of selling products to dealers and distributors around the world. We look to each dealer and distributor to push our products to the market. If you are interested in becoming a dealer of PTF products, register on our website and we will be in touch with you. 

With over a century of combined experience in business management, production operations, research and development and sales we offer entrepreneurs, business professionals and vendors an outlet to develop and grow using our products as well as our existing relationships with other manufacturers around the nation.

Protect The Force is made up of multiple divisions that allow us to create new products, manufacture those products and allow our sales team to introduce those products to the market. When combined, PTF becomes a company which is true to its name, to protect those who protect us. It is a fact that Protection is in our DNA™.