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Premium line of plate carriers from Protect The Force

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Force Defender: Basic Plate Carrier

The FORCE DEFENDER: Basic Plate Carrier is a low profile minimum carrier. Designed to go with any standard sized cummerbund, the Force Defend..

Force Defender: Elite Plate Carrier

The FORCE DEFENDER: Elite Plate Carrier is a lightweight carrier with a focus on utility usage without sacrificing comfort. The shoulders offer a..

Force Defender: Low Profile Plate Carrier

The FORCE DEFENDER: Low Profile plate carrier is a simple and lightweight carrier designed for SAPI/ESAPI/Shooter cut plates. It can be worn with or..

Force Defender: SAPI Plate Carrier

The FORCE DEFENDER: SAPI Plate Carrier was created with military members in mind. Designed from the ground up, the Force Defender: SAPI PC i..

Force Defender: Scalable Plate Carrier

The FORCE DEFENDER: Scalable Plate Carrier offers great comfort without sacrificing mobility or utility. This carrier uses a modular design t..