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B-Cool Concealed Carrier

The B-Cool concealed carrier was designed with law enforcement officers in mind. The B-Cool is a low visibility concealable carrier that offers wrap..

Class A Outer Concealed Carrier

The Class A shirt converts your concealed vest into an outer carrier. It is designed to blend with your current law enforcement uniform shirt and make..

COG Outer Concealed Carrier

With the COG Outer Concealed Carrier, you can convert your concealed vest into a high profile outer garment with general use pockets. This carrier f..

ConTac Concealable/Tactical Carrier

Doubling as a concealable carrier or as a tactical carrier, the ConTac s a dual purpose carrier designed to meet the needs of many different branches ..

CTX Scalable Tactical Carrier

The CTX Scalable is the culmination of the collaboration between PTFM's design staff and a specific federal agency. This agency required a design that..

FAST: Accelerator Tactical Carrier

The FAST: Accelerator provides maximum mobility without compromising comfort. Featuring the built-in padded lumbar support for load balance and an ant..

FAST: Pursuit Tactical Carrier

The FAST: Pursuit tactical carrier uses a high speed ergonomic shooters cut design which provides maximum mobility and durability without compromising..

FAST: Speed 360 Tactical Carrier

The FAST: Speed 360 tactical carrier has a high-speed, shooters cut design, and is a side-opening carrier which is designed for maximum coverage and m..

FAST: Surge Tactical Carrier

The FAST: Surge is designed to accept BALCS shaped soft armor as well as shooters cut hard armor. The 3D air flow padding  in the front and rear ..

Flex9Armor Tactical Carrier

The Flex9Armor Tactical Carrier is a lightweight carrier with a focus to provide the extra protection along with comfort when wearing the Flex9Armor S..

Force Defender: Basic Plate Carrier

The FORCE DEFENDER: Basic Plate Carrier is a low profile minimum carrier. Designed to go with any standard sized cummerbund, the Force Defend..

Force Defender: Elite Plate Carrier

The FORCE DEFENDER: Elite Plate Carrier is a lightweight carrier with a focus on utility usage without sacrificing comfort. The shoulders offer a..

Force Defender: Low Profile Plate Carrier

The FORCE DEFENDER: Low Profile plate carrier is a simple and lightweight carrier designed for SAPI/ESAPI/Shooter cut plates. It can be worn with or..

Force Defender: SAPI Plate Carrier

The FORCE DEFENDER: SAPI Plate Carrier was created with military members in mind. Designed from the ground up, the Force Defender: SAPI PC i..

Force Defender: Scalable Plate Carrier

The FORCE DEFENDER: Scalable Plate Carrier offers great comfort without sacrificing mobility or utility. This carrier uses a modular design t..