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Website Updated

Posted by Cameron Wednesday 13th September 2017 0 Comment(s)

We at Protect The Force felt that we had to slip away from our old and boring black-on-gray color scheme to a more exciting white-on-dark-gray look! With this change in the color scheme comes many other changes around the site. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will begin rolling out other changes to our product pages, category pages as well as improve our customer dashboard and all the resources that go with it!


As a dealer of Protect The Force products, we want to make getting content very easy for you! Our resource library will contain many more useful files to help you along your way. 


As an individual looking to purchase Protect The Force products, we have fully released our Dealer Locator which can be viewed here! This listing is updated weekly to ensure that we give all of our dealers a chance to catch your business! 


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Website Updated

Website Updated

Cameron 13/09/2017 0
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