The FAST: Pursuit tactical carrier uses a high speed ergonomic shooters cut design which provides ma..

With the COG Outer Concealed Carrier, you can convert your concealed vest into a high profile oute..

The FAST: Accelerator provides maximum mobility without compromising comfort. Featuring the built-in..

The T-COG Outer Concealed Carrier is designed so that you can convert your vest into an outer tactic..

The Zephyr concealed carrier is a low visibility concealable carrier that offers full upper body pro..

The FAST: Surge is designed to accept BALCS shaped soft armor as well as shooters cut hard armor. Th..

The FORCE DEFENDER: Basic Plate Carrier is a low profile minimum carrier. Designed to go wi..

The B-Cool concealed carrier was designed with law enforcement officers in mind. The B-Cool is a l..

The Global Service Vest (GSV) is designed to meet global needs for a dual purpose vest which accepts..

The FORCE DEFENDER: Scalable Plate Carrier  offers great comfort without sacrificing m..

Our K-9 Carrier, developed specifically for Military and Law Enforcement K-9 handlers, is designed t..

The FORCE DEFENDER: Elite Plate Carrier is a lightweight carrier with a focus on utility usage ..

The Class A shirt converts your concealed vest into an outer carrier. It is designed to blend with y..

The Assault 360 tactical carrier has a high-speed, shooters cut design, and is a side-opening carrie..

The High Threat Harness Plate Carrier features full padded shoulders with a unique spacer mesh desig..