Protect The Force

Protection is in our DNA™

Who we are

Protect The Force's sole purpose is to create the best product solutions for those in the tactical, law enforcement and first responder areas who protect us.  The PTF team is unique in the industry.  Our team comprises elite military, experts in ballistic protection manufacturing, experienced first responders and award winning product inventors.  Each PTF team member is solely focused on delivering the best possible product solution to the end user by drawing from their own expertise and combing that expertise with the rest of the organization.

What we do

Protect The Force invents.

Protect The Force manufactures.

Protect The Force cleans.

We serve those who serve us.  Our success in delivering unique solutions to those who serve us is grounded in our approach. At PTF, we; have constant communication with the experts in our user group communities to gain current first hand use case analysis; utilize deep relationships with universities, government and civilian research organizations;  continually nurture relationships with the leading material suppliers; and doggedly evaluate our manufacturing environment to create the most efficient and cost effective way to deliver state of the art product solutions.

Where we're at

Protect The Force has a 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility in the beautiful mountains of Jacksboro, TN. This is were our body armor and nylon solutions are developed and manufactured. Protect The Force has an Innovations division in Boston, MA where out of the box ideas are created and tested. Protect The Force has a cleaning solutions service in Fayetteville, NC that operates under the name of 10-20 Services!








Protection is in our DNA™






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